Which carpet should we buy?

Which carpet should we buy?

Which carpet should we buy? This question is asked by most carpet buyers, and this confusion sometimes leads them to decide and buy.To cope with this issue, anyone interested in carpet tiles should pay attention to these points:

1- What style of carpet do I like?

2- What number of meters do I have in mind?

3- What carpet colors fill our house with energy?

4- What kind of carpet should I buy that has no technical problems?

What style of carpet do I like?

Hand-woven carpets are usually divided into 4 categories

Nomadic carpets
Rural carpets
Urban carpets
Modern carpets

Nomadic rugs should be considered one of the first rug designs, the weaver uses his mind, faith and beliefs to weave the rug and this routine continues in a much more limited way.

But in the village carpet, where some nomads have settled, the cards have a frame and broken and geometric lines are included in these cards. This style is still current in many rural areas.

But the third style known as Shahri are the cards which are usually Lakh and Taranj or Afshan, and curved lines are used in their creation. This card entered a new phase of growth and excellence since the beginning of Safavid rule and with the support of the kings of this dynasty, and is now one of the most popular styles around the world.

The fourth style, as the name suggests, is the modern style and does not follow any particular rule. This style is followed by those who are looking for a different style and keep their home design in modern style, and for this reason they are produced in small quantities.

What carpet colors fit our home decor?

What seems important when buying a handmade carpet is the beauty and harmony of the design of the carpet with the decor and furniture of the house and workplace. On the other hand, the price of each rug is estimated based on elegance, number of colors, texture range, and degree of adherence to proportions in both texture and pattern. The handmade carpet is knotted by one or more persons due to its manufacturing conditions and belongs to the group of artisans. Therefore, it is advisable to get advice and help from a carpet expert when buying a carpet.


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