Get to know the carpet sizes

Get to know the carpet sizes

What do you know about the dimensions of the carpet? What about the carpet and the half and the quarter and the two and the curtain and the collar and the side and the back and the padri? All these that we have named are a kind of carpet with different sizes. Each handloom is known by a name based on its size.

For example, a hand-woven fabric, which is one meter wide and more than 3 meters long, is called a page, which is usually thrown into the hallway or stairs. We present you different sizes of carpets:


A carpet is a hand-woven rug with an area of at least 6 square meters. Carpets have different sizes, for example, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 meters, and so on. Of course, it should be said that in some areas are also woven carpets with non-standard dimensions, but in general, any carpet that is at least 6 square meters is called carpet.

Plants and a half

A carpet with a width of one to one meter and 20 centimeters and a length between one meter and 50 to one meter and 70 centimeters. Zare and Nim is one of the hand-woven fabrics, which is woven in most parts of the country and, of course, has many fans because of its suitable size.

Two cultures

Carpet Do Zare is slightly larger than its cousin Zare and Nim. Its width varies between 130 and 140 and its length varies between 2 and 2 meters and 10 centimeters.

the page

We can say that the side is a kind of Clegi with similar dimensions and has the same function, ie it is used in the corridors to cover the stairs.


The curtain carpet is one of the most beautiful and impressive Iranian carpets, which usually measures 2.5 meters by 1.5 meters. This beautiful and light carpet is used to decorate the entrance of the room or hall.

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