loom preparation of handmade carpets

It is likely that you have heard the term "loom preaperation" in the context of handmade carpets, but you may not know what it means, or perhaps you know a bit about it but are not fully familiar with it. If you want to learn about this term, how it is done, and the reasons...

Carpet Fringe Repair

The fringe of a carpet is considered the most important part, as it helps to keep the carpet strong and prevents its fibers from tearing and deteriorating. However, this fringe can become decayed and damaged due to various factors and must be restored or repaired. If not repaired, it can lead to the destruction of...

Guide to Choosing Carpet Colors

Guide to Choosing Carpet Colors

The following guide helps you select the ideal color for your carpet.

Practical Aspects of Carpet Color

Want to Make the Room Look Bigger?

Lighter carpets make a space appear larger, which is desirable for many owners of small to medium-sized homes. Conversely, if you want to make a room feel cozy and comfortable,...

Which carpets should we restore?

Which carpets should undergo restoration is a common question, and the decision often hinges on more than just aesthetics—it's about the carpet's intrinsic value. Determining whether your antique carpet is worth restoring involves considering several factors. Ultimately, restoration can impact the carpet's value; it might enhance it in some cases or diminish it, particularly if the...

Do you know anything about Gabbeh rugs?

A Gabbeh is a handwoven rug with simple patterns and long fibers, primarily used in cold and mountainous regions. Unlike finely woven carpets, Gabbeh has a coarse texture, and its distinctive feature lies in its long and soft fibers, making it popular for decades. This rug is not only appreciated by people in various regions of...

The difference between classic and modern carpets

What distinguishes classic from modern carpets? What variations exist in terms of material, weave, and pattern between these two types of rugs? Deciding between a classic or modern rug for one's home is a common consideration for those in search of a suitable handmade rug.

Carpet Styles

Historical records in our country indicate a carpet-making tradition dating...

Examine the meaning and concept of patterns on carpets

Patterns on the carpet are one of the attractions and essential elements in the art and craft of carpet weaving. These are patterns and designs woven into the surface of the carpet, giving it beauty, diversity, and value.

History and Significance of Carpet Patterns in German Culture

Carpet patterns have a long history and great significance in...

What are the dimensions of different carpets?

Check the carpet dimensions

Knowing the carpet dimensions will help you make a better and more appropriate choice, purchase, and use of carpets. In this article from the Ragset website, we examine the dimensions of carpets. The following explains why knowing the carpet dimensions is important:

1- Suitable selection:

With precise information about the carpet dimensions, you...

The best carpet model for the salon

Nothing feels as good as walking on a soft, luxurious carpet. Carpets are excellent for children to play on, as they provide them with safety and comfort. They can also reduce the likelihood of falls resulting in injuries. We assist you in selecting the best carpet model for your living room.

Tips for Choosing Carpet

There are...