What size carpet is suitable for my house?

What size carpet is suitable for my house?

Carpet is one of the essential elements in Iranian home decoration. The variety of tastes has led to the fact that these products have different designs and colors. Depending on the type of rooms where this product is used, we have carpets of different sizes. The variety of sizes of carpets is due to their use in different rooms and places. The size of the rugs can make a big difference in the space of the house. Pay attention before Buying carpet to the size of your space.

The selection of the carpet is made according to several important points.

  • Decoration of the room in which the carpet will be used.
  • Dimensions and size of the used space
  • Location

Of course, the carpet used for the bedroom will be different from the model considered for the living room.

Different sizes of carpets are designed to create variety and creativity in the space of homes. rugeast.com is a reliable and effective collection in the field of providing products according to the opinion and taste of the customer.

In what sizes are the carpets made?

In what sizes are the carpets made?

The use of carpets as flooring has a long history in Iran and many other countries. With the growth of population and the emergence of residential culture, the size of buildings and houses led to extensive changes in the dimensions of carpets. Machine knotted and hand knotted carpets are made and designed in different sizes depending on the place of use.


This carpet model in sizes 2*3, 2*3,5, 3*3,5, 3*3, 4*3, 3*6, 6*4, 7*5, 6*10

One and a half cube

This carpet pattern measures 150 x 100 cm.

Sarandaz (Kalegi)

This carpet pattern in different carpet sizes measures approximately 1 * 2, 2 * 3 and 3 * 6, and their length is 1.5 to 2 times their width. This type of carpet is more common among nomads and tent dwellers.

Between the carpet or sides

There are examples of carpets that are used to fill empty spaces.


A pattern of a carpet or rug, the length of which is about 100 cm.

Machine made carpets

These carpets are 24 meters, 12 meters, 9 meters, 6 meters and 3 meters long. Round and circular patterns are also designed and produced in various diameters.

Use of carpets in different sizes

The use of carpets is considered depending on the style of decoration and size. Depending on the space you can choose the right size carpet. Out-of-the-box decisions will destroy the beauty of your space.

Small to medium rooms

If you have a small or medium-sized room or living room, which has a game plan, it is better to use six-meter carpet for the floor of the room, so that the backs of the sofas are placed on the edge of the carpet and The room looks more open.

Large rooms with open plan

If your room is large, you can use a variety of 6- or 9-yard rug sizes. The carpet you choose should be such that the front legs of the sofa are placed on it, and the carpet does not go completely under the sofa.

Long and narrow spaces

If your room is long and narrow, you should use 3×2 rugs. Besides, in this case it is better if your carpet has symmetrical patterns or is monochromatic.

Hall and dining room

Carpets used in these rooms are usually selected according to the type of furniture. The types of rugs that are suitable for small dining rooms are usually small rugs. However, if there is a table and chairs in the dining room, solid color rugs are used, sized so that a chair pulled out from behind the table does not overhang the rug. The size of the carpets are considered to be 50 cm more, depending on the dining table.

The size of the carpet is suitable for small houses

Choosing the right flooring and carpet for small rooms is very important. To choose the right size for these rooms, there are important points to consider.

Density and number of carpet combs

For small houses and parties, you should choose carpets that have beauty and elegance at the same time. In apartments under 100 meters, it is better to use carpets with a comb thickness of 700. The thickness of these carpets is about 10 mm and does not lose its beautiful appearance due to frequent use. In less frequented rooms, different sizes of 1200 Comb carpets can also be used.

– Use of oval and round carpets
– Use of carpets with a light or neutral background
– Do not use carpets with central floral or bergamot patterns
This example of carpets with vivid design is not suitable for small rooms.
– Choosing the right dimensions

Suitable carpets for small rooms should be sized so that they have a reasonable distance from the wall. If you keep this distance between the carpet and the wall, the room will look larger. That is, the carpet used in small rooms should not be the size of the room itself.

Carpet decoration and suitable carpet sizes

The arrangement of objects and colors, as well as the harmony between them, affect the selection of carpets. In apartments and small rooms, you do not have to use several carpets as flooring, you can choose the right carpet depending on the color and decoration.

The size of the carpet is suitable for large houses

The size of the carpet is suitable for large houses

If your living space is large, choosing the right size is very important. Since we have a lot of space in large houses, choosing the right size of carpet is very important when decorating and designing these rooms.

  • The use of several small carpets with appropriate colors and patterns in different sections.
  • Choose a carpet on which to place only the front legs of the sofa
  • Use warm colors for large rooms
  • Darker colors are more suitable for large rooms and spaces
  • For large rooms use rugs with floral narrow patterns
  • Use 1.4 x 1.2 carpet in large undefined or dispersed spaces

What are the most effective tips for choosing a carpet and its sizes?

Personal taste and interests can play an important role in choosing a rug, but to make your decor match your chosen rug, you need to pay attention to important details.

Carpet type

Carpet is one of those goods that do not need to be constantly changed, it is very important to choose the right material for the space you use. In places where there is more traffic in the house, use carpets that do not lose color and quality over time.

Carpet pattern

Depending on the size and space you have available, you can use rugs of different sizes with different patterns. Carpets with vivid patterns make the house look smaller and are not suitable for small apartments.


Color is one of the most important and significant factors after the selection of carpet dimensions. Light and neutral colors are suitable for small rooms, and for large rooms and spaces it is better to use warm colors.

Carpet size

Choose the size of the carpet according to the place where it will be used. The size of the carpet determines the types of carpet sizes for the places where the furniture will be used.

Factors influencing the determination of carpet dimensions

Space is one of the factors that determine the size and dimensions of the carpet, but it is not the only important factor.

  • Area and size of the room where the carpet will be used.
  • How to place objects and furniture in the decoration
  • Decoration styles
  • Application of the area in which the carpet is laid.

Currently, many collections, including rugeast.com, are ready to offer services and advice to carpet buyers with creative and expert forces. In addition to your interests, tastes and desired style, you can make the best choice when buying rugs by seeking expert opinions and looking at different rug sizes.


Carpets play an important role in the interior decoration of Iranian houses. Choosing the right dimensions helps to make the interiors of the houses appear smaller or larger. The layout, color and dimensions of the room in which the carpet will be used, affect the selection of the size and dimensions of the carpet.

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