Tips to make your carpet soft and fluffy again

Tips to make your carpet soft and fluffy again

Carpets are part of home furniture. These accessories not only provide beauty at home, but also help to improve the quality of life and comfort. There are several types of carpets. In this great variety fluffy carpets are particularly popular for their special beauty and pleasant softness. The fluffiness of the carpet gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Unfortunately, fluffy carpets in some cases lose their softness. We will show you how to get the carpet soft and fluffy again.

How does the softness and fluffiness of the carpet disappear?

There are many reasons why carpets lose their softness and fluffiness. The carpet may be in a heavily used area. This excessive treading causes the carpet to lose its original fluffiness and softness. Also, the placement of objects, such as sofas or chairs do not make the carpet flat in some places. The presence of objects such as desks, bookshelves, beds or other heavy objects on the carpet will affect its fluffy condition.

After moving these items, the carpet is flat and compressed in places. But fortunately, there are ways to make the carpet soft and fluffy again.

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A man touching the soaked carpet

Tips to make carpets soft and fluffy again

There are simple tricks and methods that will help you get the carpet soft and fluffy again. In some cases, the severity of the carpet damage is high and these methods may have little effect. In such a situation, if you repeat these steps several times and at appropriate intervals, you will get a favorable result.

Prepare your carpet in the first step

The first step is to remove dirt from the carpet. These impurities may include dust or various stains. After that, if parts of the carpet need to be repaired and restored, perform the repair work. It is better to perform the steps to improve the condition of the carpet hair one carpet at a time. In such a situation, if you have the opportunity to completely remove the items from the carpet, the speed and quality of work will increase.

Act like a professional auditor in the second step

After the carpet preparation is complete, you should carefully inspect the carpet. remove all extra threads and bumps in the carpet with the help of sharp scissors; of course, be careful not to damage the carpet. Hold your scissors perpendicular to the line of the fluffy rug for more accuracy.

Go to the cleaning for the third step

Most of the cleaning work is done during the preparation; But there are still some things left for this phase. In this section, you can use white vinegar with hot water for final cleaning. If you do not want to do this, you can also use industrial detergents. Of course, the use of appropriate industrial carpet cleaners requires high precision and expertise, so that they do not damage the carpet or stain the carpet. The best way is to use warm water and white vinegar.

Step 4 with ice cubes

After the carpet is clean and dry, press an ice cube on the damaged areas to make the carpet soft and fluffy again. Wait until the ice has completely melted, then use a towel to soak up the excess water.

Vacuum the carpet
If you vacuum the carpet incorrectly, its softness will be reduced

The fifth step is the vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important steps to improve the condition of the carpet. After the carpet is completely dry, vacuum each section seven to eight times.

Steam the carpet again in the sixth step to soften and loosen it.

Eliminate bad odors in the last and seventh step

Finally, you can sprinkle a little baking soda on the carpet at night after finishing the work. During the night, bad odors and remaining bacteria are destroyed with the help of baking soda. The next morning, remove all the baking soda with the vacuum cleaner.


There are ways and methods you can try to make the carpet at home soft and fluffy again with minimal expertise and materials. However, the best results are always achieved when the work is entrusted to an expert. If you can’t do these steps at home, take your carpet to a safe and professional carpet cleaner. The end result will be a soft and fluffy carpet. The softness of this carpet will caress your feet.

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