Tips for washing carpets

Tipps zum Waschen von Teppichen

Tips for washing carpets

Carpets here in the country are one of the indispensable accessories for any home. Carpets, like other household items, get dirty over time and need to be washed and cleaned. There are several factors, such as food spills, that can stain carpets.Frequent washing of carpets is important to prevent it from looking old and out of place, especially if it is a light color such as cream or white.

Dust, hair and dirt can get trapped between the carpet fibers and detract from its appearance. Cleaning carpet types like Kelim carpet at home can be more difficult than it seems.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, people face several challenges that can depend on the type of carpet, the type of soiling and the cleaning method. Here are some of the most common challenges:

Type of soiling: The type of soiling can make cleaning more difficult. For example, a carpet that is soiled with pet hair or urine may be more difficult to clean than one that contains only dust and dirt.

Type of carpet: The type of carpet can also be a challenge. Some carpets are more delicate than others and require special cleaning methods and products. For example, silk carpets can be easily damaged if treated with the wrong detergent.

Size of the carpet: a large carpet can be more difficult to clean than a small one. It can also be more difficult to dry a large rug.

Cleaning method: There are different cleaning methods for carpets, such as steam cleaning, shampooing and dry cleaning. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages and requires different techniques and tools.

Time and effort: Cleaning a carpet requires time and effort. It can take several hours to thoroughly clean a carpet and allow it to dry.

Stain removal: Stains can be a particular challenge in carpet cleaning. Some stains such as red wine, coffee or blood can be difficult to remove and may require special cleaning products and techniques.

Recurring soiling: Some carpets can quickly become soiled again after cleaning. This may be due to improper cleaning or the type of carpet. In this case, it may be necessary to clean the carpet more frequently.

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Why is it difficult washing carpets?

Why is it difficult washing carpets?

There are several methods you can use to clean your carpets. But some stains on the carpet are so stubborn that it will be difficult to clean them with normal methods. On the other hand, some carpets, such as silk carpets, have a delicate texture. If you do not know how to wash them, you can damage them.

Also, the detergents with which you wash the carpets, must be made of suitable materials that do not harm the carpet. For cleaning the carpets should preferably use a combination of natural materials. If the stains and dirt are not removed with these materials, you can use chemical and industrial cleaning agents.

Forgoing professional carpet cleaning and opting to wash carpets at home can be economical, but you will usually run into difficulties. One of the challenges, is not to clean the carpets completely. Not having enough equipment and power to wash carpets can cause this problem.

Another very unpleasant challenge is yellowing after washing. This yellowing usually occurs on parts that have a light color like white, or at the roots of the carpet. This can be caused by incorrect washing or rinsing. Rinsing is very important when washing carpets. If you clean the carpet thoroughly but do not rinse it well, it will most likely turn yellow.

To solve this problem, rinse the rug well after washing before hanging, and allow most of the remaining water to drain. Other causes of yellowing carpets are acidic and unsuitable cleaning agents. Due to their acidic nature, these cleaners can also damage the carpet. The damage has caused a yellow stain, which will be visible after drying.

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The difference between washing a machine carpet and a handwoven carpet

Hand-woven carpets have lower density and weft than machine-made carpets, so they require great care when washing. Machine washed carpets are much easier to wash than hand woven carpets, because the color does not fade. You can sweep them in the first step to wash them. The advantage of these carpets is that they can be cleaned with industrial cleaners and are not damaged.
If there is only a small stain on it after sweeping, finish cleaning it with carpet shampoo without washing it completely. Mechanical cleaning with steam cleaning is also possible. Steam cleaners have many advantages that you can buy at an affordable price and use them to clean all types of carpets.
Remember that walking in shoes indoors can accelerate the rotting of carpets. Before washing the machine carpet, you can hang it and shake off the excess dirt. However, you should be careful not to beat too hard, as this can damage the texture of the carpet. Before you wash the carpet, be sure to get the right tools for the job. The cleaning tools are as follows.
– Vacuum cleaner
– Baking soda
– Vinegar
– Carpet cleaner
– Microfiber fabric
– Brush


Many people think that if they wash their carpets at home, it will be cleaner than if a dry cleaner is used. The first thing you will encounter when washing carpets at home is enough space. Those who live in apartments and high-rise buildings usually do not have the right space to wash carpets. Therefore, they prefer to use the services of a carpet cleaner.

On the other hand, those who have enough space for it, should pay attention to other essential points.

So you should consider a suitable place for drying. Cleaning a carpet with a carpet shampoo may seem simple, but after wetting the carpet, it may become discolored or smelly due to the time it takes to dry. Therefore, you need to repeat this procedure several times. To avoid this, you can simply wash them by following all the professional tips for washing carpets without facing many challenges in this area.

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