Tips for the care of silk carpets

Tips for the care of silk carpets

Usually silk carpets are more expensive than other carpets because of their quality. Therefore, many consumers are concerned with the question of how to care for silk carpets. Silk carpets are the soul of our home and give the home a special glamor and charm. Proper washing and the principles of their care require a set of tips that our experts will show you.

What are the characteristics of silk carpets?

Silk carpets belong to the carpets of Iranian origin, which are made of very expensive and valuable threads. To learn about the features of this expensive carpet, we have listed for you a list of its properties, which we will discuss further:

  1. The first qualities that can be mentioned are their attractiveness, beauty and brilliance.
  2. Due to their excellent quality, these carpets are among the most durable carpets in terms of care and washing, such as machine and hand woven carpets.
  3. Since they have very little lint, they can not cause any allergies.
  4. The designs and colors of these silk threads are very eye-catching and stunning.
  5. The fibers used in silk carpets are very thin and light, so these carpets have the properties of being light and soft.
  6. Other features of these rugs include the striking display of patterns and maps.
  7. It has a very beautiful and high color spectrum, and also the tightness is greater than other carpets.
  8. High strength, resistance and lightness are one of the main advantages of hand-woven silk carpets.

A silk carpet

Why do silk carpets need more care than other carpets?

Care of silk carpets is one of the most important issues compared to other carpets, because silk threads are considered one of the most expensive and valuable fibers. These carpets are known as luxury carpets and if 100% silk is used in it, the price also increases. That is why, first and foremost, it is very important to take care of them. Silk threads are durable and after a while also do not lose their original condition and luster.

It is interesting to point out that silk, despite its resilience, is one of the most vulnerable materials. In fact, it can not withstand moisture, heat and harmful chemicals for a long time, and the slightest serious damage will cause high costs. Do not treat silk carpets like other regular carpets and do not allow moisture to remain on the carpet for long periods of time, as water and moisture can lead to mold growth. Be careful, these types of carpets are always trying to absorb moisture.

Touch the silk carpet


Methods of care for silk carpets

To care for the silk carpet, there are a number of care principles that we will discuss together:

  • It is better to vacuum little dust to clean these carpets. You can gently shake the carpet.
  • When using vacuum cleaner should not be brushes. This could damage the carpet. Always sweep in the direction of the carpet when sweeping.
  • It is better not to put such valuable carpets in places that are used a lot, such as hallway, living room, etc.
  • In order not to move the silk carpets, which are also very light, we recommend the use of anti-slip mats.
  • Be very careful when choosing a place for the carpet. It is better to put the carpet on the parquet and ceramics.
  • When washing, we recommend not to do it every year. Note that the less you wash silk carpets, the longer their life.
  • If the carpet becomes stained and dirty, it is better to try harmless household methods first; because chemicals can damage the texture of the carpet. Salt can also be used to remove stains.


Silk carpet are resistant and yet very susceptible to damage. In the event of damage, it is important to act quickly. A quick and reaction can prevent damage to the carpet structure.

In case of damage, it is advisable to get help from professional carpet cleaners. Never use chemicals and other aggressive cleaning agents. Also, do not become hot water, which can also damage the structure of the fibers.

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