Maintain and clean flokati carpets like a pro

Maintain and clean flokati carpets like a pro

Flokati rugs are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home. These fluffy rugs are very comfortable and are perfect to give your room a feeling of coziness and comfort. It creates a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, as it attenuates sound more intensively thanks to its high volume. You also have the feeling of gliding over a soft pillow.

These carpets are very durable and will give you many years of pleasure. Due to the large selection of colors, there is something for every taste.

What is a flokati carpet?

A flokati consists of a warp of spun long staple virgin wool yarn reinforced with weft yarns of a mixture of virgin wool and synthetic fibers. To obtain the typical fuzzy structure, the yarn must be wound around a square of steel and then cut by hand. The more densely the rows are set during the weaving process, the heavier, denser and higher quality the carpet will be.

The carpet gets its solid structure through a process of felting and shrinking, which is carried out in traditional Greek mountains. To increase the strength of these types of carpets, the texture is used with jute threads, and because they are woven, their pile does not come out of the carpet. This makes it easy to wash this type of carpet. Flokati carpets are a subgroup of shaggy carpets, and the pile height ranges from four and a half to six centimeters.

Flokati carpet on the floor of a house

Types flokati carpets

There are several types of flokati carpets, which we call modern and traditional. The modern style of this product is more suitable for colorful decorations and includes special designs such as geometric and graphic. Modern flokati carpets have a smaller pile than traditional carpets.

Carpets have authentic Iranian designs and are considered a suitable option for people interested in Iranian art. The colors used in the composition of this type of carpets are mainly typical Iranian colorful.

Flokati carpets cleaning

To clean your Flokatite carpet, we recommend that you first shake it out or tap it. Flokati carpets are long pile carpets. This causes a lot of dust and dirt to accumulate. If you have the opportunity go outside and tap the carpet to remove dirt that has accumulated in the fibers of the wool.

Of course, you can also vacuum your flokati with a vacuum cleaner. However, do not use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush, as it can pull the fibers out of the carpet. After shaking out, leave your Flokatite rug outside for a few hours to remove odors.

Stain removal

Remove stains from a flokati rug with a combination of water and vinegar, but be careful not to get the rug too wet. If the carpet gets wet, then its texture will be damaged and it will not be as soft and beautiful as before. You can use carpet washing machines to wash long pile carpets.

Alternatively, you can use carpet shampoo for cleaning and let the carpet dry outdoors after removing the stains. If the stains are severe and cannot be removed with vinegar and wet wipes, you can use a combination of warm water and dish soap and remove the stains from the surface with a microfiber cloth or soft brush.

Cleaning the flokati carpet from stains

Vacuuming and washing the flokati carpet

When vacuuming, pay attention to the setting of the suction mode. If the suction mode is high, the fibers will be damaged .it is recommended never to put small flokati rugs in the washing machine, because the washing machine will destroy the structure and texture of the carpet and this product will not be as soft as before.

Do not wash flokati long pile carpets in the same way as classic carpets, as their beautiful texture will be seriously damaged and lose its beauty. Do not use a steam cleaner to wash flokati carpets. Steam washing has a high suction power and can damage the soft and delicate fibers.

Important points when cleaning flokati carpets

When spreading this product, care should be taken to ensure that the fluffy part faces inwards so as not to damage the carpet lint. If your rug is too large to shake, it is better to spread the rug out on a fence or pole and then beat it out with a stick or pole to remove dust from the rug.

If the flokati carpet is located in the hallway or living room, i.e. in places where it is used a lot, then you should shake out the carpet twice a week. To vacuum these types of rugs, you should turn the rug over spreading its fluffy part towards the floor and vacuum the underside. It is recommended that the pile of the carpet is not vacuumed or very lightly suaged, as this can damage the texture of the carpet.

A woman cleaning the flokati carpet with gloves


The Flokati is a beautiful high pile carpet made of virgin wool for its cuddle factor. To clean it, it is recommended to dust and tap it out regularly. For cleaning you can use water and vinegar, but also carpet shampoo, which is suitable for wool. Then let the carpet dry in a shady place and avoid direct sunlight.

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