How do I remove stubborn carpet stains?

Wie entferne ich hartnäckige Teppichflecken?

How do I remove stubborn carpet stains?

The wishful thinking is: Your carpets are clean and your home looks tidy. Caring for carpets is a difficult task, especially if you have young children in your household. But sometimes there are stains on your carpet that are either impossible or difficult to remove. You may even have used several methods to remove these stains, but they were still not removed; Some methods worsen the condition stubborn carpet stains on the carpet. In the following article we will discuss the methods of removing carpet stains and the reasons for their appearance. Stay with us.

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How do stubborn stains on the carpet?

Carpets are one of the most commonly used items in any home. You walk on it every day, sit on it, and even eat on it; these issues make carpets more susceptible to dirt and stains than other household items. If you have a glass of soft drink in your hand and splash some of it on the carpet and you ignore it, this makes it more difficult to remove the stains on the carpet.

Spilling all kinds of drinks and liquids, a dirty footprint on the carpet or spilling paint and ink will cause stains on the carpet. But the important question is how you deal with stains. If you do not take care of the stains directly, this may cause the stains to harden and after some time they can no longer be removed from the carpet. Therefore, it is better to remove carpet stains as soon as possible.

Methods for removing stubborn stains from the carpet

Methods for removing stubborn stains from the carpet

Now the problem arises, how to remove the stains on the carpet. Stains that remain on the carpet for a long time harden and cannot be removed easily. To remove these stains, it is better to use the following methods. We will present you the different types of stubborn stains and their removal methods in a separate text:

Remove coffee stains from the carpet

One of the most difficult stains is the coffee stain. First dry the stain completely with a cloth. Then mix 1 cup of water with 1/4 cup of bleach. Now you should spray the solution on the stains and clean the stains with a cloth and wash with warm water.

Remove blood stains from the carpet

Blood stains are among the most stubborn stains on carpet. You need to be careful, if blood splashes on your carpet, you need to clean it with cold water. Cold water prevents the penetration of blood into the fabric of the carpet and quickly destroys it.

Remove ink stains from carpets

The best way to remove ink stains is yogurt. To do this, you should pour some yogurt onto the carpet stain and when the yogurt combines with the ink, use a spoon to completely pick it up from the carpet. Once the ink stain has hardened, you can also use nail polish remover or hairspray to remove the stain.

Removing stubborn stains from soft drinks and beverages

Removing stubborn stains from soft drinks and beverages

You can use bleach to remove stains from soda and other beverages. Mix some bleach with water and spray it on stubborn carpet stains. Wait a little and then clean the stains with a clean towel and warm water.

Remove grease stains from the carpet

If your carpet has oil and grease stains and you don’t want to leave them to the carpet cleaner, you can remove the stains with a cloth and an iron. The heat generated by the iron can pull the oil and grease on the carpet to the fabric and destroy them.

Remove paint stains from the carpet

Pour some alcohol or thinner on the cloth and rub it on the carpet stain. Of course, be careful not to use this solution on handmade carpets, as it can damage the texture of the carpet. Thinner can remove paint stains well.

Remove nail polish stains from carpet

If nail polish spills on the carpet, you can use acetone or nail polish remover. When the nail polish is dry, you can also remove it from the carpet with a cutter or knife.

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In this article, we have tried to teach you how to remove stubborn carpet stains on the. Some stains are difficult to remove from the carpet; Among these stains we can mention coffee stains, blood, nail polish, paint, soft drinks and so on. To remove these stains, it is better to act quickly. Each of these stains is removed in a special way that cannot be used for all stains. For more information, you can contact our experts.

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