The carpet weaving and its mysterious history

The carpet weaving and its mysterious history

Carpet weaving is the oldest type of carpet weaving, which originated centuries before carpet weaving and probably at the same time as a fabric in the east of the world.

It is not clear which ethnic groups are the creators of this art, but there is evidence that Central Asian ethnic groups were the first to succeed in designing and weaving it.

The results of archaeological excavations take us to the central plains of Asia, because these tribes were engaged in sheep breeding and livestock, using the wool of their animals to weave carpets, simple rugs without variety.

But it can not be said with certainty that the origin of the carpet must be in Central Asia, because the discovery of some evidence in Anatolia, Turkey, has drawn attention to this region, and perhaps the carpet was woven there for the first time Anatolian region.

Other woven pieces have been found in excavations in southern Siberia and northern Mongolia, similar to those found in Anatolia. The amazing works brought to our attention from the excavations of “Chetel Hoyuk” in Central Anatolia have raised the suspicion and temptation that carpet weaving may have an eight thousand year history and the beginning of this industry several thousand years before carpet weaving. To prove the existence of carpet weaving in this unknown civilization of the Neolithic period. Therefore, compared to the objective and indisputable evidence that dates the beginning of carpet weaving to 4022 years.

Archaeologists have been able to discover various tools and weaving implements and traces of carpet weaving throughout the Anatolian region, especially in Durragh, as well as several pieces of carpet dating back to centuries before Christ, the exact time and place of their weaving is not known. Apart from the mentioned fabrics in the tombs of Central Asia and the preserved carpets and rugs, there are different opinions about it.

Spiritual and religious foundations in carpet motifs

We should look for the answer that this unknown civilization was based on what intellectual and religious foundations and on what unknown magical rituals, rather than on the role of living beings and celestial bodies and objects and phenomena that are usually the target and tool of are magic, they are all interconnected designs.Symmetrical geometry is used.

It can be countered that an eight-thousand-year-old buried culture cannot be the reason for the meaninglessness and aimlessness of these symbolic motifs. For those of us who still have not been able to find the letter keys of many ancient scripts and languages.

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